Wind Turbine Concept Harvests Energy Roadside

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Niels told me he had an idea to capture energy from the wind on freeways. Too bad he didn’t do anything with his plan. Seems that someone else was working on this idea too. This new system by Luis Castanheira Santos seeks to make use of the wind produced by moving vehicles, harvesting energy that would otherwise be wasted.The Voltaire vertical axis turbine concept (via Tuvie) is a modular product that set up on the side of the road, acting as a kind of barrier. As cars, trucks and motorcycles whiz past, the turbines spin, creating electricity which can be used in turn to power lights.


  1. Johnathan wrote:

    what materials would be used to make this?

  2. dhani wrote:

    HI Johnathan, I don’t know to be honest.

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