Nando Correa, 29, Videomaker

When I was in highschool I was always recording musicvideo’s from Yo!Mtv Raps on a VHS recorder. Back then Hip Hop wasn’t that of a ‘big business’ like nowadays. You could see that most of the videos were made with a small budget. At one moment in time, Hype Williams appeared and took music videos to another level. Video’s like Big Pimpin’ (Jay-Z) and Supa dupa fly (Missy E) are just a few examples of the many videos he produced. Later on he made the movie Belly (DMX, Nas) which I loved btw. I don’t know if it was the quality of the camera work or it was something else but his videos always looked much better than the rest although sometimes a bit corny as well. I wanted to make videos too but I never acted on that thought. Nando was in the same school as me back then and although we didn’t hang out that much, we were ok. Apparently he wanted to do the same thing, the difference is he followed his dream. Meet Nando.

Dhani: When did you realized that you wanted to make video’s?
Nando: All my life. I used to make homemovies (like any other person in the world), but I think I realized that I wanted to do this professionally when I started the study Media & Entertainment Management. I choose this study for the mere reason it was specialized on the TV and Film industry. I did this with a good friend Noël Schoolderman. This guy has great eye for style and is a trendsetter. Therefore the choice to start something together was a perfect one. After working for a couple of production companies we decided to start one of our own. In 2009 we started NaNo Media.

Dhani: What is your weapon of choice?
Nando: I use the Canon DSLR 550D with 50mm f1,4 lens but it could be a combination of different lenses in the range of 35mm to 85mm. And to top it all off I use a camera shoulder support rig and a monopod.

Dhani:Which program do you use to edit your video’s?
Nando: Premiere and After Effects. I also know my way around with Final Cut Pro but Premiere is the program that I use since I started editing videos so that works best for me. It doesn’t matter which program you use, it’s what you do with it.

Dhani: Which clip took the most time to make?
Nando: That was the video we did for The Rotterdam Dance Parade back in 2009. This was one of the first big productions we did. It was shot with two cameras. We had to go along the whole route of the parade and climbed on most of the trucks. We had almost 8 hours of video footage afterwards. Getting the final 4 minute edit was a hell of a job. I don’t really have a clip which I’m especially proud off.

Dhani: Do you have the ambition to make a full length movie? What would that movie be about?
Nando: It would be a dream come true to make a full feature movie but a biography would be very nice to do as well. I hope to translate a story about a fellow human being to the silver screen, someone that might have altered the life of his fellow mankind.

Dhani: You often go to Colombia right? Can we expect to see some of your work that you made over there?
Nando: I try to go every year back to Colombia to recharge. My country is a huge part of my life. Not only does almost all my family live there, the culture and climate are so good for me I just have to go back as often as I can. Colombia is full of cultural riches from nobel price wining authors to grammy winning music artist. They always keep up with the newest trends and have a really good sense for style. The food is great with a great variety from meat to fruit and vegetables. If had to describe Colombia in one word it would be PASSION!
The last time I visited Colombia I made a video of a fashion show. I’m sure the next time I will do more work. I’d like to make a road movie and show the world the best spots and the beauties of this wonderful nation.

Check out Nano Media.

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