Ruth Lim

30, Rotterdam, Cocktail expert, Projectmanager, Special drinks and mixology
This girl really knows how to a run bar. Besides she is capable of preparing the sweetest cocktail in a few seconds, she can manage and built a mobile bar perfectly. Meet Ruth.

Dhani: What is your favourite cocktail?
Ruth: That’s definitely the Bacardi Daiquiri!! I love the simplicity of this cocktail, it’s a perfect balance between sweet and sour. Especially when it’s made by a bartender who has the care for the products and ingredients. This cocktail is also really easy to adapt in every bar who sells rum and has sugar and limes as well.
But…. My favourite drink is Jack Daniel’s… But I also enjoy other fine spirits as well, gin, tequila, rum, vodka. Preferably straight up, with one icecube… Sounds like a drankorgel, doesn’t it..? I could go on and on about the spirits and cocktails I’d like to drink, but basically I will love the cocktail if the bartender puts his or her passion in it.

Dhani: How does a workday of you looks like?
Ruth:Hahahaha, everyday is different!! It does starts with a nice cup of cappuccino (we have a great espresso machine in the office!)
My work is divided in two parts; indoor and outdoor. The indoor activities are the preperations for the coming events: communications with the clients, the internal coordination of the process for the event and making sure we have the best crew for the event. This all happens in the office where I have a big ass MAC-screen in front of me.
The outdoor activities are most of the time visiting locations, having production meetings with the client, supplier, organisor or coordination on location, and being a troubleshooter when needed. That’s the most exciting part. I always try to prepare a event best possible, but sometimes unexpected things can occure and then we have to make sure that we solve it. This needs flexibility, creativity and improvisation! One of our credos is “there are no problems, only challenges!” When we have a positive attitude, nothing is an actual problem.

Dhani: How many cocktails are you able to make on a gig in one day?
Ruth:That depends on how many cocktails the client wants us to serve. There’s always the human factor, which has its maximum capacity of making drinks, but everything also has to look great as well. By that I mean the whole package; bar, bartenders, drinks, backoffice organization. There’s a saying; “the bar is the engine which drives the business”, but I don’t think this is complete. The whole team which exist bartenders, runners, barbacks, waiters and the system in how we work, makes sure that we can serve unlimited cocktails at any time!!
For example: At the festival Lowlands 2009 we produced almost 40.000 Bacardi Mojitos in three days. This was the result of a great cooperation with the organizer who provided the space and equipment, the client who gave us this great challenge, the design company who created a great décor in which our bars looked fantastic. This all combined created the perfect circumstances to work in.

Dhani: What was the most important decision you’ve ever made?
Ruth: Eeh.. I don’t know.. The BEST decision I ever made was to work for Barsupport almost 6 years ago. They gave me the opportunity to work in environment where I can grow and learn and create my own chances. I don’t see that as the most important decision. I thing everybody has to make decisions which leads to a certain road in their life; business wise and private. From there you go on and take the responsibility of the decision you made and learn from it, so it becomes a valuable experience for yourself.

Dhani: Who can get the middlefinger?
Ruth: Narrow-minded people without any self reflection and who are really judgmental without trying to think otherwise. It’s really human to judge people on superficial factors; first impression on appearances, behavior, status of function. Sometimes it’s necessary to put them in categories. But there’s always more than meets the eye. I’ve experienced people who interfere with my work without the knowledge of the business, just because they THINK they know better and they see a little girl with red hair in front of them.. I know they must have good intentions, but I take the whole responsibility of a project, so it’s my decision to take. I will always try to make that clear without offend anybody (although that’s really hard sometimes!)

Dhani: Are there any bigs things comming up for you?
Ruth: The festival season is starting again in april, I’m really looking forward to that period again! Bacardi and Eristoff are having big booths at the big festivals and Barsupport provide the bars, crew and the drinks for the brands.
This is really exciting, because the festivals are mostly outdoor events where unexpected things occure regularly. It feels great to improvise on those challenges, especially when it works and the client is happy with the results.
We work with a great team of professionals and they all have one goal; great results with lots of fun!!

Dhani: How do you want to look back at your life when you are 80?
Ruth: That’s almost the same question as being run over by a bus or something, hehehehe!
Well, one thing for sure, I have enjoyed my life to the max. I don’t regret the things I have done in my life and I am doing other things to make sure I won’t have regrets that I didn’t do it! I hope I can say that when I’m 80 that I still alive. And I hope I still have most of my dearest friends and family close to me.

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