Uriah Arnhem

28, Rotterdam, artist, actor

You may know him from a billboard or a television advertisement. He was the face of a huge youth marketingcampaign, YourWorld. This is probably the most hugable guy of Rotterdam. Meet Uriah.

Dhani: You are part of a creative collective, Venour. The three of you expressing creativity in many different ways. Which way suits you best?
Uriah: My part in Venour is that I manage stuff, so you can call me the “Managing Director”. You can manage in all sort of ways, being creative in managing is what suits me the best. Finding creative solutions and ideas to manage everyday business. Besides the Managing part I love to act, write and direct (comedy) films, making music and VJ’ and DJ’ing.

Dhani: Tell us about the sketches ‘Belony‘ and what does it mean?
Uriah: Belony is a kind of sausage similar to a hotdog, an Italian mortedella or our very own dutch Boterhamworst.Very nice taste! When something is nonsense Americans usually say: “Oh, thats Belony”! Our Belony clip’s are short comedy sketches about everyday people from all layers, living in our Dutch society, specially people from our hometown Rotterdam. The clips itself have different of layers as well. Sometimes it can be very shallow and somethimes they have a deeper message. But the core of all clips always contains humor, which make you laugh from the gut! Therefore our sketches always have some twist in it which make people say: “Oh, that’s belony”! But of course most of the people will say: “Thats super”! Haha..

Dhani: In 2009 Rotterdam was the Youth Capital of Europe and YourWorld was project that you were involved in. Did you felt that you helped or inspired other youngsters?
Uriah: Yes it did felt like I helped and inspired youngsters actually. It all began with the commercial where I wanted to let people see that it doesnt matter where you from, you can make your dreams come true and everything is possible. Thats why I said in the commercial: “I wanna play Othello”. The message was to show that even shakespeare back then already knew that people of different races can be mixed or in or can get in high places too. And the high places is where we al want to end up, right? Youngsters often say to me: “when I see you do things on TV/internet I get inspired and want do something myself as well, keep up the good work”. Some say that active people can activate others. I truly believe that.

Dhani: Venour just opened a new store. What can people find there?
Uriah: Its more a studio acctually but you can find the stuff that we make. Our shirts, our paintings, sculptures, graphics, web, film and most of all you can find us: Noel, Steven and me: Venour! And the feeling, the style, the mystique that goes along with it.

Dhani: Were do you get your inspiration from?
Uriah: I get my inspiration fom humor and other people. Our vision is to create things that are accesable for everybody. At the same time we get inspired by all people around us. Even by you, Dhani. Everybody got a little humor in them. Just take a look at all funny homevideo and candid camera clips on YouTube. Their have thousands of hits! People make me happy and thats why I always have a smile on my face.

Dhani: Is there something that you want to let the world know?
Uriah: World: Smile! Here I (we) come!!!


  1. tjimme wrote:

    lekker bezig!

    dat geldt voor jullie beide!

  2. dhani wrote:

    Wil jou ook interviewen Tjimme. Lijkt je dat leuk?

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