30, Rotterdam, D.J. Producer

Rockid and I went to the same highschool together in Delft. Back then we use to share the same love for the U.S. westcoast lifestyle. Movies like Blood in blood out, Menace 2 Society and artists like MC Eiht and Easy E inspired us which got us into trouble from time to time. Pathetic? Well…I think that’s normal at that age, right? We grew older. Rockid started D.J.’ing and became legandary with his scratching skills and represented Holland at the DMC world championships in 1998. In the 12 years that followed he didn’t do nothing, I can tell you. Meet Rockid.

Photo by Taufiq Hosen

Dhani: I can imagin’ that being a finalist for the DMC championships at a young age must have been an important time in your life. Could you tell us about that period?
Rockid: Oi, yeah man… I still remember it was 1992 & 1993, Yo MTV raps… I always stayed home for that show when it was aired on television. Sometimes Fab Five Freddy invited some DJ’s that did some tricks, and there was always a DJ in the hiphop music video’s. The scratching movements looked so incredible…. So I started watching old DMC videotapes and began practicing myself.
One day I saw DJ Chainsaw in a live DJ Battle. He was scratchin’, backspinnin’ and flippin’ shit! Shit was real! During the whole summervacation I was practicing that shit. At the age of 16 I started to play at Hiphop party’s in Zoetermeer, The Hague & Rotterdam and I met DJ Kypski (from C-mon&Co). We where in a rap type of family called Mo Money Soldiers. Kypski thaught me more about the deeper types of scratch techniques. After that I started to do little scratchshows during Hiphop & RnB party’s to get more experience.
I supported DJ Kypski during the Dutch DMC finals in Utrecht and I told myself: “next year I wanna join this competition”! I kept my promise and I won! I developed my skills and became the Dutch DMC champion for some years in a row. That was a wonderfull time, DJ-ing, scratching and visiting Hiphop concerts. Yep, I had a really a fun time!

Dhani: Is Turntabilism still a big thing nowadays?
Rockid: Yeah and Noop. There still is the DMC World championships. Last year France won that shit. It changed in a good and in a bad way. They make their own scratch records with their own samples and beats. You get six minutes of beats & scratches from self-invented beats. It’s cool, but it became a skill of who can prepare the best battle breaks at home. When you close your eyes, you still hear unknown beats. No offence of course. Back in the day… hahaha sounds pretty old ha! Back in the day…there where no laptops, internet, nor Ableton or Youtube so you had to buy records. Get 2 copy’s and change the beat manually. Here is a good example of a beatjuggle.

I think today Turntablism is on a hold. Same happened in the 80’s, you had the transformer scratch, backspins and that was it. Then it went underground till DJ Qbert showed up and invented some new crazy techniques. The same thing is happening right now, Turntablism is underground again. I really hope some new kids will surprise us with new techniques and hopefully that will happen soon. One thing is for sure: Turntablism will never die completely.

Dhani: What’s the reason you’ve changed your path in the style of music that you play?
Rockid: It has the same reason as what happend with Turntablism. I wanted to do something new with new energy and create new things. Electronical music, especially House Music was strange fruit for me back in the day. Hiphop was raw and gave me that monster energy, but for the last 5 years there is so much going on in the music industry that can give me that same feeling.
House music flips Hiphop, which flips Disco, which flips Garage and Dubstep. Everything is possible now. In my point of view I still play Hiphop…it’s not DJ Premier nor Pete Rock type of Hip Hop anymore, but DJ Switch, BoyzNoyz or A-Trak type of Hip Hop. These guys invented the gap between hiphop and housemusic. Hip Hop is Hip Pop nowadays. Back when a Hip Hop DJ played RnB it was sort of a bad thing, ”fake” they called it. But honestly if you listen to the RnB tracks from that era (Mary J, Groove Theory etc etc.) it had a raw, soul, funky sound to it.
I Love Hip Hop but I sometime I feel like there’s nothing new going on over there. It’s like being married. Your lady has to change her lingerie every now and then, there’s nothing wrong with that. Much respect for the UK scene because they dare to change the old fashioned BBOY type of sampling beats. Even Kanye adds new flavor to it! I can say that I’m very happy with this new breed of underground freshness. I’m really down with Electro, Dubstep and all their sub genres. It gives me the same feeling, like when I was 7 years old and heard a Run DMC, NWA, or Public Enemy tape.

Dhani: Tell us about Foktop.
Rockid: Yeah, it’s the name of my new Label. I release anything on it as long as it’s dope, big, massive or funky. It’s going well and it needs time, but I am confident about it. At the moment artists like Quinten 909, Bobby Six Killers, Mike Mago are releasing tracks on the label and in the future Nom de Strip, Cablejuice, Oliver Twitz, Rotterdam Dubstep talents Suppatrigga & Debby Dubstep and Tom Piper from Autralia will do the same. At the end of 2010 it’s our 1 year anniversary. By that time I hope to have a platform for everybody who is doing something good.
Besides the label we got the Foktop! party’s. New talented DJ’s and producers can show their music/skills at these party’s, which of course is a great thing. At these party’s you can check out established DJ talents and special guests, often linked to the label (but it’s no obligation). Together with Venour (I never knew they could play records as well) and MC Dan Stezo from Oversized we join forces to make this party big. We have a fixed night in the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam and we did an edition in Rotterdam as well. You can call it the Foktop! label night. The next party is planned on June 18 in the Sugar Factory.

Photo by Centraal Oost.

Dhani: Do you visit Korea sometimes. What’s it like over there?
Rockid: I ate raw living octopus, it was awfull and I didn’t like it. Everytime I’m on vacation in Korea (to visit my family) I get drunk everyday. I’m telling you they LOVE alcohol over there. They love food and are used to eat hot breakfast. To be honest, it’s overwelming. I think it’s bigger than New York. They have their own popstars…rapstars…a lot of breakdance shows on national television, lots of sneakershops, their own Tommy Hilfiger Models, Their own type of Mercedes cars (EQUUS = a Korean brand). Here in Holland, Europe we think we are the best but….nah sorry it’s so small overhere! Haha

Dhani: Any big plans for the future?
Rockid: There is an Australian tour commin up! New tracks for Foktop! are waiting to get released, a lot of collabo tracks with other producers (internationally). I plan to rock with this new sound. It gives me the same feeling I experienced when I first started Scratching.

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