Taufiq Hosen

27, The Hague, Photographer

I’ve known Taufiq since I was a little kid. In the Hague there are a few Indonesian ‘families’ who hang out together. He represented an other Indonesian family known as Musolah, a family bonded by the Indonesian Mosque. We used to have dancebattle’s between the families during birthday parties and sometimes get into some trouble. Like most Indonesian kids growing up, it was common that you always were with your family as a group. But i’ve seen him developing an own identity (which is normal of course) and becoming someone I got inspired by. A lot of pictures on my website (including the first picture you see when you enter my site and www.001party.nl) were taken by Taufiq. Nowadays we work together as much as we can. Meet Taufiq.

Dhani: When did you discovere that photography was something you could be good at?
Taufiq: That wasn’t hard. It was either economics or photography. I was studying economics but I missed the motivation and I liked photography since I was, i don’t know, 15 years old or something. And for me being me, I quited economics in my third year. That was like 5 years ago. A lot of people and more important, the right people supported and encouraged me to continue photography. So you’re only as good as they say you are. And over time you are becoming more serious and critical about your own work. I think the most important reason why I’m taking pictures is that it gives me control about what I have to say. I’m better with images than with words.

Dhani:A few years ago you did a 72 hours exposition at the blend 60days of space. Could you tell us what the expo was about.
Taufiq: At that time I was still breakdancing and I was taking pictures of people who inspired me at that time. Although I don’t like the pictures anymore, that project was actually my starting point into serious photography. My experience on breakdancing had a certain resemblence with my view on photography. You have to discover new ways to be original and taking yourself serious.

Dhani: Could you tell us about the projects you did that you are proud of?
Taufiq: It’s not the project that can make me proud but rather a single picture. A picture that reminds me of of a single moment and that I’m lucky that I was the one to have taken that picture. I took a lot of portraits. I’m proud that I have had the opportunity to take pictures of several famous artists. It’s strange to see someone on television and the next moment he or she’s in front of my camera. Lykke Li was one of them and the latest artist was Mette from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

Lykke Li

Mette from Asteroids Galaxy Tour

The Shout Out Louds

Dhani: Could you tell us something about the project Lily on sunday?
Taufiq: Lily on Sunday is a visual diary about being with someone special. Sunday stands for the moments that you don’t have to think of work, school, any kind of obligations or even photography. This has a kind of peace that is related to my relationship. In how many ways can I describe my relationship in images that tells me how I see her and how my relationship is. It’s hard to take sincere pictures of people who know me toroughly. This is still a work in progress…


Dhani: Although you did tons of great assignments you are actually still in school. When will you graduate?
Taufiq: Shieeetttttt….. Well I’m in my gradutation year at the Art Academy in the Hague. Let’s hope that I will graduate this year.

Dhani: What are your plans after finishing school?
Taufiq: I will focus more on autonomous projects and maybe doing it abroad. I just have to see. By all means I want to give my carreer a boost.

Dhani: Where can we see more of your work?
Taufiq: I have a website… but man I keep changing the layout all the time. Just take a peak at www.taufiqhosen.com once in a while and you’ll see my work.

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