Martin Roedolf

Martin Roedolf
Rotterdam, artist, fußball champion

When you try to come up with a new concept for what so ever, it’s normal that you get stuck sometimes. If you involve Martin in your brainstorm that can not happen. Instead your ideas start to multiply when he starts brainstorming along. Martin is probably one of the most creative Rotterdammer i know. Meet Martin.

Dhani: What is it that you do?
Martin: I create strategic imagination. What it comes down to, is that I use my creative imagination to develop concepts and positive experiences for brands, agencies, organizations and of course my own parties and festivals. Besides that I perform as a DJ in DJ collectives Brownies and Milkshakes (broken soul v.s. electro) and DAR  Dirty Audio Relations ( Jazz, Avant Garde and Groovy landscapes).

Dhani: What is the coolest project that you have realized?
Martin: I think that would be Wohnzimmer. This was a meetingplace in a squat in the heart of the city based on the creative scene of Berlin. I created huge cozy livingrooms where people can hang out.

No, I’m sorry instead of Wohnzimmer I choose my newest project, ‘De Intuïtie Industrie’ as my coolest project. This is a new spot where two other creatives and I face the challenges of this era with a balance between creativity, knowledge and intuïtion. This is goin’ to be very cool. At the moment we are transforming abandoned spaces and transform them into what we call “city farms”. Unfortunately I cannot tell you more about this at the moment. Just check out de Intuitie Industrie once in a while.

Dhani: Which little things in life give you joy?
Martin: I get joy from a lot of things, especially when I don’t try to plan ahead too much but really live in the moment (“leven in het nu” is how you call it in Dutch). On those moments I can get inspired by almost everything. Although I see the transience of those things, I see the creativity and the humour that comes along with it as well.

Dhani: Did you ever thought of leaving Rotterdam?
Martin: Not for the coming time, but eventually I would like to have a house surrounded by the nature. I want to write books for children and work on my filmscripts. I will always keep an appartment in Rotterdam where I can live and work cause I need to feel the energy of the city. Rotterdam has a permanent place in my heart. It would be stupid to leave Rotterdam for ever.

Dhani: What do you think is the most stupid project ever been done in Rotterdam
Martin: It would be easy to piss on projects that others did cause you never know what’s happening behind the scenes but I have to say that the projects of ‘Rotterdam Durft’ kind of sucks. The intentions are good but the projects are too slick and transparant. That’s not what Rotterdam is. Rotterdam is raw! Fuck with this city and this city will fuck you harder. Love this city and this city will love you more. ‘Geen woorden maar daden!’ (I don’t know how you translate that sentence well) Show what you got without bragging too much about it. If you act right you will get the credits in the end.

Dhani: What was the most useless concept that you ever worked on yourself?
Martin: I once came up with a concept that was about ‘energy spots’ in the city. City Chacra’s spread through the city were spots where people can charge themselves after a day shopping. I even made maps where you can find all the City Chacra’s! I spend a lot of time on this project but after a while I realized that it was all pointless. First of all I could not prove that the chacra’s where real and second the people didn’t understand the concept. I cost me a lot of time and money to realize this project. Sometimes I put much effort in ‘the search of inspiration of the pointless’. I realized that spontaneous actions can give a deep certainty too.

Dhani: Which dreamconcept are you hoping to realize one day?
Martin: I want to create a meeting place in Rotterdam where creativity and effectiveness come together. A place which will give Rotterdam a social boost! I know this cannot be created in a few days so I’m going to take my time on this one. Luckily there are more people working on such concepts but my project is going to be next level shit. I promise to Rotterdam that I will finish this project before I die. I am going to tell you more about it in the future, ok?

Dhani: Which song would be the soundtrack of your life?
Martin: Timeless (Inner City Life/Pressure/Jah) van Goldie. The story behind this fascinating! You can read about this in my book that I am going to publish in 2020!

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  1. dikko wrote:

    I love this guy, very important to our city indeed!

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