Tenny Tenzer

28, Rotterdam, Film-maker.
Did you ever saw a tall fashionable cameraman with long black hair on a music festival or somewhere in Rotterdam? Then it probably was Tenny Tenzer. Meet Tenny.

Dhani: You have a passion for electronic music. How did that came to life?
Tenny: In the beginning of the new millennium I came in contact with electronic music while I was working in a Dutch club, Off_Corso. My friends are also contributers on my fixation for electronic music as they took me to my first techno-party for my birthday with Dave Clarke in Las Palmas, also a nightclub in Rotterdam. I use to see people raving from the other side of the bar and this time was the first time I was part of that crowd. I think the hedonistic vibe at parties stole my heart and the evolution of the genre stimulated my interests. Electronic music and techno in particular are inherent to technological evolution. Twenty years ago dj-ing consisted of 2 turntables, a mixer and vinylrecords. A few years ago the cd’s pushed vinyl away in a great way courtesy of the Pioneer CDJ’s. Fast forward to the present and future: software like Traktor enables dj’s to mix as much a 4 different (mp3 or wave-)tracks at the same time on their laptop.

Dhani: In 2007 you made a documentary that got quite some media attention called ‘Beats van de Binnenweg’. What was it about?
Tenny: The documentary was part of my thesis during my journalism study. I wanted to combine my passion with my study: so a documentary about electronic music was born.
I wanted to make a documentary like Style Wars (the first hiphop documentary), Big fun in a big town (the first dutch documentary about American hiphopculture) and a episode of R.A.M. what had a item about Kraftwerk and how they (caucasions) influenced the first wave of techno-dj’s and producers (that were afro-american). For me those documentary’s represented a novelty and a visual documentation that would inspire and educate people who saw them.

Kraftwerk & Detroit Techno – Watch more Music Videos at Vodpod.

So techno comes from Detroit, Chicago is the birthplace of house and closer to home Berlin is famous for its minimal. Does Rotterdam also has its own sound? This question was the foundation of the documentary and the Nieuwe Binnenweg was the pillar. I searched the Nieuwe Binnenweg for the answer and interviewed artists like: Paul Elstak, Michel de Hey, Ferry Corsten, Speedy J, Ronald Molendijk, Benny Rodrigues, Joris Voorn, Secret Cinema, Serge and Alden Tyrell.

Dhani: What’s goin’ on on the Binnenweg today?
Tenny: Nothing. More and more recordstores are closing, maybe it has to do with the downloadculture, I can’t put my finger on it. But the stores who do survive are those that provide niche markets and have a lage base.
I can remember a interviewer asking me if De Beats van de Binnenweg did’t came to late. My answer was: ‘no, I made the documentary just in time! Just in time before some of the stores closed, that is.

Dhani: On what other projects did you worked?
Tenny: During my internship @ MTV I really could express my love for electronic music. I worked my ass off in the summer what resulted in reports @ Free Your Mind, Awakenings Festival, Extrema Outdoor, 5 Days Off and of course Lowlands! More recent work of me is for production company CCCP where I among other projects contributed on Tussen Tuig & Talent: a youth tv-programme consisting of summer-reports and comedy sketches done by Venour. The same period I made a summer compilation of Dutch techno veteran Secret Cinema. I followed him the summer long from festival to festival what resulted in a 8 minute documentary. I also do the video-reports for Electric Deluxe: the technonight of Speedy J.

Secret Cinema Summer 2009 Compilation from Tenny Tenzer on Vimeo.

Dhani: Did you ever captured something on film that you actually shouldn’t?
Tenny: This is a good story: I once filmed a butt-naked Kelis during a photoshoot. She and her husband Nas (are they still together?) had their upcomming 5th anniversary together. So what do you do if you’re rich & famous and you want to get your partner a unique present? You let a photographer-friend (by the name of Rodrigo Otazu) take nude pictures of yourself and print them into a one-of-a-kind book! They asked me to film the photoshoot what took place in several locations like the red light district, a garage fulll of Italian sportscars and a litte park in Amsterdam. At first I thougt it was a normal photoshoot, but when Kelis stood in front of me and took of her bathrobe (which exposed her bald and pretty p*ssy), I asked her if she REALLY was ok with me filming this. ‘Yeah, go ahead. I’ve done this lots of times’, was her answer. I filmed the whole shoot. For professional reasons I never made copies of the footage or final edit, what I regret heavilly till this day.

Dhani: Describe your ultimate job to us?
Tenny: Just what I’m doing now: combining my passion for (electronic)music and music festivals with my work as a film-maker.

Dhani: Is that what you are doing in five years from now?
Tenny: My plan is in 5 years to have a consistent flow of projects for my company Tenny Tenzer Productions and to have a feature documentary playing on the International FilmFestival Rotterdam and/or International Documentary Festival Amsterdam.


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